Our Mission

At MSS security is our passion.  We are committed to the safety of our clients and their assets. Our customized security solutions allow you to spend your time on the things that are important to you while we handle and attend to your security concerns.

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A Message…

From our founder and Managing Director…

At Mercurial Security Solutions I am passionate about the needs of every client, but I’m also an ardent observer of the Industry as a whole. I see, almost on a daily basis, ineffective security in all its forms, which translates into a waste of money and tarnishes the very nature and repute of this business; it is my task to change this…

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Our Philosophy

Mercurial Security Solutions was founded out of a strong desire to change the current security culture in the United States; that culture that believes “it won’t happen to me.”   Often we hear of events, tragedies even, that shake us to the core.  They are the kind of events that could have been prevented had the right security layers been in place.

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Mercurial Security Solutions - A layered security approach to suit your needs.

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