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Active Shooter

The cornerstone of our program is our Active Shooter/Threat & Workplace Violence training program. This course is designed to provide information on how to identify, predict, mitigate and respond to workplace violence, crime and terrorism and how to deal with an active shooter/threat situation. It provides and overview of workplace violence and terrorism as it relates to client sites for identifying, mitigating and responding to the active shooter threat and includes practical training culminating in a realistic exercise scenario.

Workplace Violence

Every year an alarming amount of people have been victims of Workplace Violence. This course deals specifically with Workplace Violence and provides information on how to identify, predict, mitigate and respond to workplace violence. It addresses the four categories of Workplace Violence (criminal intent, from a customer, from your employees, from a personal relationship). This training includes practical training culminating in a realistic exercise scenario which is tailored to your organization.

Terrorism Awareness

Tragic events and the ever-changing threat environment dictate the need for enhanced response options to increase chances of surviving a Terrorism incident; Counter Terrorism training is a vital aspect of any prevention and response program. Our Training was created with the goal to better understand, recognize, report and react to terrorist threats and the complex security challenges we face. A broad understanding of terrorism and the various terrorist groups and targets is discussed in addition to how they perform a Target Selection. You will learn how to recognize Surveillance and Attack indicators in addition to terrorist Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) and what actions should be taken in the event of a terrorist attack.

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Conflict Resolution

The purpose of this Training is to provide the knowledge to recognize causes of workplace conflict, how to facilitate resolution of conflict and how to effectively manage the relationships once the conflict has been resolved. Our Training delivers a proven, reliable, business-focused approach that teaches our students to diffuse situations before they escalate when dealing with uncooperative, dangerous, or even violent individuals. It addresses conflict resolution from a corporate/hospitality perspective and will help to create and maintain a safe environment. During this Course the students learn how to be aware of the modes of conflict they may encounter, acquire skills to de-escalate conflicts, develop appropriate skills for effective communication in conflict-like situations, and establish strategies for managing similar conflicts in the future.

Corporate Travel Security

This course is designed to analyze and formalize the travel process of an organization’s key personnel and staff who will be relocated or spend a protracted period of time in another country. Some of the modules Participants will learn about are situational awareness, First Aid, Surveillance detection, cultural awareness, hotel security and vehicle safety. This course will help minimize risk when traveling and provides the Participants with the necessary skills to recognize and assess dangerous situations.

Cultural Awareness

This course is specifically tailored to the Middle Eastern/European country that your staff will be working in so that they have a proper preparation and are ready to deal with the cultural differences and are aware of any security challenges. Our instructors bring extensive Middle Eastern and regional experience that comes with a wealth of knowledge, ensuring a real world training experience. We employ a training strategy that promotes progressive learning principles and focuses on the development of the mental process, cultural awareness and capabilities necessary when working abroad.


We have delivered speaking engagements nationwide at Fortune 500 Companies, ASIS, Department of Homeland Security, Denver Office of Emergency Management, Colorado Emergency Management Association (CEMA) and the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD).

We are available to speak on a range of topics including:

  • Terrorism
  • Countering Terrorism
  • Terrorism and its Impact on Emergency Management
  • Active Shooter, Active Threat and Workplace Violence
  • Risk Management

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