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Security Risk Assessments

The ability to manage significant risks effectively is one of the main characteristics distinguishing the most effective organizations from the rest. The challenges of global economic development make managing risk on an enterprise basis a crucial requirement. Establishing and maintaining a formal Security Risk Assessment process is a proven and demonstrable way of providing the necessary assurance and providing confidence to stakeholders. Institutionalizing a practical Security Risk Assessment program is important to support an organization’s business activities.

The Security Risk Assessment process is modeled on and measured against world wide best practice and international assessment standards and tailored to the Client’s specific needs, security challenges and requirements. At MSS we utilize the CARVER Methodology, an internationally recognized target analysis and vulnerability assessment methodology used extensively by the military, intelligence and law enforcement community and the Department of Homeland Security. This methodology aids us in determining which of your assets or systems are most at risk in order to prioritize remedial efforts and to keep it cost-effective.

(Master) Security Plan
Assessments & Development

A security plan or program should be risk-based and strategically aligned with the organization’s objectives. To effectively manage the risk to any organization the security program should not only be assessed on a regular basis but is ever evolving in order to address any deficits. Often the Security Program is an afterthought and poor implementation can drastically increase security expenditures.

The key to successful safety and security programming is a viable technology infrastructure and development and implementation of appropriate policies, the support of key administrators and the empowerment of professionally trained and equipped personnel. An effective Security Program should be bespoke and tailored to the specific needs of the organization but will also establish a balance between appreciating the organization’s culture and the safety and security of your staff and visitors. We work closely with our Clients to build a Security Program and will guide you every step of the way. Our programs provide cost-effective, prioritized solutions and multi-year strategies to advance our Client’s business objectives.

Security Policy
Assessments & Development

Security Policies and Procedures are the foundation of any Security Program in an organization. A well-written and implemented policy contains the necessary information on what actions must be taken to protect the people and property of an organization and contain guidelines for staff in the course of their job. It will additionally educate all levels of the organization on how they play a role in identifying potential threats so the risk can be assessed and a mitigation strategy developed.

Effective Security Policies and Procedures are not written in isolation but need the input from a variety of stakeholders; this not only during the development process but additionally during its implementation. We can either update your existing policies and procedures or assist you in creating new ones.

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