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Executive Protection

Executive Protection Program Assessment and Design

A formal Executive Protection Program has become increasingly necessary with heightened risks to C-suite executives due to global exposure. We recognize that each of our Clients has specific Executive Protection needs and that they are concerned with more than just their personal safety. Our specialists have provided protection to Foreign Heads of States, US Army Generals, Diplomats, high net worth Families and Fortune 500 Company Executives both in benign and post-conflict environments and are ideally placed to assess existing Executive Protection Programs (both proprietary and contracted) or design a client-specific Program to suit your Organization’s culture.

Existing Programs are frequently out of date and have not been reviewed regularly to locate any gaps such as an increase in vulnerability, risk mitigation capabilities and a lack of Team productivity. We assist our Clients in assessing the current limitations of the Executive Protection Program and recommend operational improvements while observing your Organization’s culture and mission. When a new Executive Protection Program is required it will be developed by assessing the risks, threats and vulnerabilities that your Executives face and by customizing it to not only the Organization’s culture but also your Executives personal preferences. Additionally we offer 2-3 day customized Executive Protection refresher training held at your facility to ensure Team effectiveness.

Security Officer

Why Choose Us?

  • Client Satisfcation – We are confident that through our innovative approaches to security and management of your expectations we can guarantee your satisfaction.
  • Higher Quality of Security Officers – At MSS we refer to our Security Officers as Asset Protection Officers (APO). What really sets us apart is the ability of our APOs to evaluate and de-escalate situations and aptitude for problem solving through effective communication.
  • Personalized Service – We believe in the integration of Security Services that will match your business industry, culture and mission. APOs are hired, trained and provided specifically for you and your organization.
  • In-House Training – At MSS we conduct our training internally and every unit of study is exclusive to MSS. Our instructors are certified and have extensive law enforcement, military and security backgrounds which ensures superior quality training that far surpasses the current industry standard. Our training empowers our APOs to make the right decision at the right time.

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Travel Risk Assessments

The fact remains the utopian societies many believe we reside in today no longer exist. Events affecting business travel have become all too commonplace. Terrorism, political and regional instability, post conflict environments infectious diseases, natural disasters and accidents are a very real possibility. Often beyond your control, corporate liability and the responsibility to employees and assets continue to grow. MSS Travel Risk Solutions specialize in developing, managing, and optimizing corporate travel risk programs. MSS’s highest priority is the safety and security of the members of your organization, wherever they are around the globe. Our Travel Risk Assessment Team members have decades of experience assessing international travel and use a multifaceted process to evaluate each trip.

Our team members are seasoned travellers themselves having travelled to Post Conflict Environments and areas prone to economic and political instability we offer a modern approach to travel risk assessment. This includes assessing and developing policies and procedures, providing travel advisories, providing in country support, and conducting specialized travel awareness and cultural training and emergency response.

  • Comprehensive risk assessments and site security surveys for current travel areas and future locations.
  • Regional, Country and Venue specific evacuation plans.
  • Develop and implementation of a business continuity and crisis response plans for venue-specific locations.
  • Procurement and assistance for travel advisory software and integration services
  • Information Security in how to protect your people, their documents and there IT storage devices.

Threat Management

MSS’s objective is to empower our clients to learn more about how best to protect themselves from becoming victims of stalking, harassment and intimidation situations. MSS’s mission is to share and facilitate the capabilities and methods of proven and reliable strategies in the field of threat assessment and or threat management.

The six steps to effective threat management:

  • Evaluate the threat: What, why and who provoked the threat and why are you being targeted? Once your risk levels and threshold have been recognized, we can advise you on the most appropriate course of action
  • Investigate the threat: By utilizing tried and tested investigative strategies such as local, regional and national background searches and suspect surveillance techniques we can conduct a systematic or formal inquiry to discover and examine the facts of an incident or allegation, et cetera so as to establish specifics and gather information.
  • Assessments of existing security measures and provide executive protection: Including personnel and systems you have in place to mitigate the threat and contingencies this could include technical advice on the use of Personal Locator Beacons or duress activation software. Additionally, our executive protection specialists are held to the highest professional standards so you can feel safe in their care, our executive protection specialists are certified, licensed and qualified.
  • Define the response: Always within all legal and civil contexts, we collaborate with all outside influencers and third party specialists such as psychologists, therapists or councilors to determine the most effective response.
  • Develop and implement an intervention plan. We will develop and implement the plan to tackle the threat. These approaches can incorporate many practices, as simple as reaching out to the source of the threat or exploiting available civic mediation practices such as a protective or restraining orders, mental health, substance abuse intervention and or law enforcement participation.
  • Continuing Support: In todays uncertain world threats can come in a vast array of forms and from any direction both from trusted insiders and unknown outsiders. We can provide ongoing support and consultation ensuring your chances of becoming a victim are mitigated

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