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Security Master Plans

A detailed Security Master Plan (SMP) record defines and outlines an organization’s security ideas, strategies, objectives, policies and procedures. It is used to guide the organization’s development and direction in these areas in a manner that is consistent with the company’s overall business plan. It also provides a detailed outline of the risks and the mitigation plans.

  • Management Leadership
  • Intelligence and Threat Assessment
  • Risk Management
  • Personnel Protection
  • Incident Investigation/Analysis
  • Information Protection
  • Technical Security
  • Operation Protection
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Management and Administration
  • Staffing, skill sets, advancement
  • Succession planning
  • Security Strategies: Access control, Alarm monitoring, assessment
  • Response: Risk assessment, Investigations, Awareness and safe workplace initiatives
  • Technology and Operational components
  • Budgets & Manpower

At MSS we can assist you in assessing your current SMP or developing an all-encompassing SMP that is in line with your organization’s mission in order to provide a tailored and cost effective solution.

Security System Design

A Security System is comprised of various technologies designed to control, deter, monitor, record, alarms and or notify authorities when a particular incident has taken place. These tools include numerous hardware devices, computers, software, and the environments within which the devices work.

MSS can assist and help incorporate the following security systems into our building designs as part of your comprehensive master plan:

  • Access Control
  • Video and CCTV Surveillance
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Duress Systems
  • Detention
  • Cellular Network and or E-mail messaging integration for active monitoring of numerous security systems

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Executive Protection

Executive Protection Program Assessment and Design

A formal Executive Protection Program has become increasingly necessary with heightened risks to C-suite executives due to global exposure. We recognize that each of our Clients has specific Executive Protection needs and that they are concerned with more than just their personal safety. Our specialists have provided protection to Foreign Heads of States, US Army Generals, Diplomats, high net worth Families and Fortune 500 Company Executives both in benign and post-conflict environments and are ideally placed to assess existing Executive Protection Programs (both proprietary and contracted) or design a client-specific Program to suit your Organization’s culture.

Existing Programs are frequently out of date and have not been reviewed regularly to locate any gaps such as an increase in vulnerability, risk mitigation capabilities and a lack of Team productivity. We assist our Clients in assessing the current limitations of the Executive Protection Program and recommend operational improvements while observing your Organization’s culture and mission. When a new Executive Protection Program is required it will be developed by assessing the risks, threats and vulnerabilities that your Executives face and by customizing it to not only the Organization’s culture but also your Executives personal preferences. Additionally we offer 2-3 day customized Executive Protection refresher training held at your facility to ensure Team effectiveness.

Travel Risk Assessments

The fact remains the utopian societies many believe we reside in today no longer exist. Events affecting business travel have become all too commonplace. Terrorism, political and regional instability, post conflict environments infectious diseases, natural disasters and accidents are a very real possibility. Often beyond your control, corporate liability and the responsibility to employees and assets continue to grow. MSS Travel Risk Solutions specialize in developing, managing, and optimizing corporate travel risk programs. MSS’s highest priority is the safety and security of the members of your organization, wherever they are around the globe. Our Travel Risk Assessment Team members have decades of experience assessing international travel and use a multifaceted process to evaluate each trip.

Our team members are seasoned travellers themselves having travelled to Post Conflict Environments and areas prone to economic and political instability we offer a modern approach to travel risk assessment. This includes assessing and developing policies and procedures, providing travel advisories, providing in country support, and conducting specialized travel awareness and cultural training and emergency response.

  • Comprehensive risk assessments and site security surveys for current travel areas and future locations.
  • Regional, Country and Venue specific evacuation plans.
  • Develop and implementation of a business continuity and crisis response plans for venue-specific locations.
  • Procurement and assistance for travel advisory software and integration services
  • Information Security in how to protect your people, their documents and there IT storage devices.

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