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Executive Protection

We offer customized Executive Protection refresher training for Organizations; the aim of our 2 to 3 day Course is to provide your Executive Protection Team with the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills to operate effectively as an Executive Protection Officer. Our Instructors have extensive experience in providing protection to Foreign Heads of States, US Army Generals, Diplomats and Fortune 500 Company Executives both in benign and post-conflict environments.

The course seamlessly incorporates classroom lectures and practical field training to provide a full understanding of Executive Protection operations and will be tailored to the Client’s expectation and Organization’s culture. Training will be held at the Organization’s facilities to maximize training effectiveness and convenience.

Security Officer

What affects the security industry today is our societies safety culture; it is the attitude of “that will never happen” that produces a basic approach to security requirements and needs. Whether the basic requirements are pressed upon the training of security guards or the basic needs to securely protect an infrastructure, organization or individual is irrelevant the consequence is the same. Ineffective training, personnel and planning leads to breaks in security and subsequently exploitation.

The training your security guards will receive is absolutely superior to what is considered the acceptable minimum requirement because we believe in giving your security personnel the tools to conduct themselves correctly and the opportunity to complete their tasks effectively. In addition to the minimum requirements our security training incorporates: Use of force, Conflict resolution, Etiquette and Protocol. Successful completion of these disciplines will ensures that you, our client will receive an outstanding security guard team.

First Aid, CPR, AED Training & Certification

Our First Aid, CPR/AED course is designed for anyone with limited or no medical training who needs a completion/certification card to meet job, regulatory or other requirements. Our Instructors are certified members of the American Heart Association, the world leader in CPR, first aid and emergency cardiovascular care (ECC) training and education. The training does not only teach the basic medical skills but also provides the critical skills needed to respond to and manage an emergency until emergency medical services arrives.

Our philosophy encapsulates hands-on education ending the day with realistic industry leading best practice training scenarios to test the students under stress. During the practice sessions we use Manikins that are realistic to the eye and the touch and come with a CPR Rate Monitor to provide immediate feedback to the participant and enhance the learning experience. Participants will also learn what should be carried in their medical trauma kits and where to purchase these items.

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Mass Casualty Advanced Training

The Mass Casualty Training is meant for people who are already First Aid, CPR/AED qualified.
This curriculum includes Rapid Patient Assessment, Bleeding Management, Trauma care approach to Active Shooter/Active Threat/Terrorism incidents, Mass Casualty trauma care and Medical Evacuation consideration. Our philosophy encapsulates hands-on education ending the day with realistic industry leading best practice training scenarios to test the students under stress. In addition our Emergency Management subject matter experts can assist you in developing or modifying any Emergency Management action plans and through our partners provide bespoke trauma and mass casualty evacuation medical bags.


This Course provides Participants comprehensive and hands-on instruction on handgun fundamentals and consists of classroom instruction, dry practice drills and tactical live-fire exercises. It encompasses safe gun handling, marksmanship, fundamental understanding of the defensive use of the handgun, different holsters and draws, concealment, stance, immediate action drills, move and shoot, turn and shoot, respond to threats from front/left/right/rear, tactical scenarios and target engagement from various distances.

Our hands-on and Participant-centered instruction will help in improving the shooters competence and confidence with the handgun. Our instructors are NRA certified and have an extensive firearms background to ensure that the Participants receive the highest level of training.


Our Pepper Spray class is designed to provide Security/Hospitality Personnel with the necessary training on how to utilize this non-lethal tool. Participants will learn about the composition, types of delivery systems and the effects of pepper spray in addition to how it is best used. We will address the Use of Force Continuum and the different spraying techniques. The course features hands on experience with inert training devices to establish muscle memory and to ensure confidence in its use.

Handcuff, Use of Force & Restraint

This Training teaches Participants how to safely restrain, search and detain a hostile individual whilst following the Use of Force Continuum. The Use of Force is at times a necessity in the protection of people and property and to establish and maintain a stable and safe environment and must be performed in a legal, moral and socially acceptable manner. Our Course instructs Participants on the most effective and realistic techniques which are easily remembered in a stressful situation.

Our techniques are tactically sound and applicable in all situations and they are based on the natural body response to threat. Our methodology creates a safe learning format where Participants can experience stressful situations that they might encounter in real life. We teach the Participants to adopt neutrality in all situations use the minimum amount of force necessary to protect the safety of staff, visitors and property.

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